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All Norah'S Art, my Ning classroom network will be closing July 31, 2015.

Therefore, I want to offer all of my current online classes at a huge discount starting now!

All classes are discounted at least 50 percent. You can access class information by clicking on the page buttons above or by visiting my classroom network: All Norah'S Art.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Antique Landscapes in Ugly Antique Frames

Another Garden Palace Project

These four antique oil paintings are by an unknown artist.
All four were obviously painted by the same person;
however, only one is signed.
The artist name is Davidson.

These came to me by way of my mother-in-law.
Although, I didn't know anything about them until after she was gone.

Each painting has the same initials on the backside that give me a clue as to where this collection came from and how my mother-in-law came by them. 

In the mid 1950s, the house they lived in was torn down. It was a beautiful Victorian three story house. Some items were unwanted by the owner and and were left for them to do with as they wished. 
The house owners initials are on the back side of each painting.

I think it is fun to know a little bit of history but I just could not live with the ugly frames. 
Or maybe I am just "into" all things white. 
I think it is interesting that each frame is different. 
I used chalk paint and distressed the frames before waxing them. 

Here they are at the base of the stairs in the Garden Palace. 

I have intentions for this wall display to grow up the stairs.
And I will probably paint all the frames. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Here's another before and after

It doesn't look so bad before I painted it.

I Just wanted it RED.
It now sits "in waiting" on the newly painted gray floor of the middle room. 
I'm thinking it will be hung in the parlor because I'm going in a red-everything direction for that little room.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trash to Treasure

Another Garden Palace project.
I took this cute little cabinet apart to make it easier to paint.
Also, it was a bit wobbly which I fixed. 

Love the way it turned out .
However, I'm not sure just where I will hang it. 
Soon, I'll know. 

For now it sits "in holding" in the tiny stair-room.
And please do notice the painted floor. 

I'm not even sure what knick-knacks I will display.
And I was wondering, does it bother you that the side glasses are missing?
Not me.
I made a treasure out of somebody's trash.

PS...if you are interested in following me by email. There is a way to sign up in the sidebar. 
I signed up to follow me and it is pretty cool.

Now, I'll know when I post ;0)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I think I'm out of Hibernation

I've been hibernating, mostly busy with this and that
You know how it goes. 

This is one of the thats.
I finally finished the Lamp started here.
It took me a good while to find an old lamp shade.
Five bucks.
I spray painted it green because that's what I had.
And then I wrapped it with fibers because that's what I had.

I started this toothbrush rug in January while enjoying a roaring fire and listening to books.
The tool is a toothbrush that has been cut off.
If your interested it making one, consult with Google for the how-to. You'll find a lot.
This one reached twenty-two inches before I got bored inspired to jump to a new project.

This poor little wicker stool has been a Garden Palace project in waiting for ever so long.
I had no idea how to fix it until I got bored was working on that toothbrush rug. 

First thing, cut away the seat.

Then, I started another toothbrush rug.

And painted the stool.

Stool Rug.

This is the finished project.

Projects waiting to go to the Garden Palace.

I have great intentions to be back real soon to show and share more this and thats projects.

Until then, know that I'm still here and love hearing from you.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The In-between Week

It just so happens this week, the in-between week, is my very most favorite week of the year.
Every year.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.
And I know I've said it before. 

I like it because after the rush of the season is over, there seems to be a calmness in the house.
I like it because after the dishes are done, the wrapping papers are picked up and out of the house, the house is clean.
I like it because for a few days, there are leftovers and no cooking.

I like it because everyone left happy.
Santa did good. 

I like it because it seems like the calmness is also present in my thinking space.
For the most part, the old year is over and the new one hasn't started yet. 

I'm wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Snowman Christmas

From our house to yours,
Wishing you the best Christmas ever. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sunday, December 07, 2014


All Norah'S Art, my Ning classroom network will be closing July 31, 2015.

Before that happens, I want to offer all of my current online classes at a huge discount starting now!

All classes are discounted at least 50 percent. You can access class information by clicking on the page buttons above or by visiting my classroom network: All Norah'S Art.


I have made a huge decision about my Ning classroom network. 
You may or may not know that Ning has and is changing their ways. 
I have had plenty notice of this and plenty of time to consider what I wanted to do. 

However, the decision has been very hard to make.
Big decisions are always hard for me and I typically swing back and forth from to-do or not-to-do.

Even though I have had many great ideas for new workshop offerings, I just haven't had the energy or I should say passion to go forth with them. 

I have finally realized that this decision hanging over my head is stifling my energy. 

So, once and for all, I made the decision to give up my Ning network at my annual renewal day of July 31, 2015. 

I decided to go out with a bang!
A bang of offering all the classes for the next several months for a huge discount. 

You will find all of the class descriptions and paypal buttons on the Main page of All Norah'S Art, as well as, here on my blog pages.
You can click on the class buttons in the top page heading or by clicking on the picture icon of each class in the right sidebar.  

WIProgress of My Garden Lemons

My Garden Lemons

Audio about Signatures

While changing all the paypal buttons and making sure the classrooms were in order, I came across a bit of audio that I added at the end of one of my favorite classes, Faces In Collage.
I'm sharing this snip of audio today with you because it is something that I feel really strong about. 
(hopefully, the audio embed works)
If you are reading in a reader, you may need to click over to the blog to see and play the audio. 
Recap of the New Class Fees.

A Diary of Faces - Part One    $35.00
A Diary of Faces - Part two    $35.00
Faces in Collage    $32.00
Faces in Technicolor    $25.00
Tree Castle Apron    $35.00
*Inktense Faces on Fabric (mini class) $20.00
**Norah'S Darker Skintones (mini class) $20.00
Faces:  All Norah'S    $32.00

*   Inktense Faces on Fabric is a part of the class, Tree Castle Apron.  

**   Norah'S Darker Skintones is a part of the class, Faces: All Norah'S.

Access to all class will end July 31, 2015

Monday, November 24, 2014

Garden Wrap-Up

2014 Garden Wrap-up
 This is me this morning with bright sunshine and temps warming.
I planted three rows of onions on October 15th.
A sweet onion known as Texas Grano 1015Y, meaning you should plant them on October 15th. 
I did. 
The middle row is Red Burgundy and seems to have been the best germinator. 
And a row of White Bermuda. 
 This is me this morning showing a row of collards and a row of spinach. 
Did you know that spinach seeds do not keep? 
In other words, I had to buy new seeds and replant the spinach after the first planting ..... did nothing. 

This is the garden on October 29th  with the tomatoes and peppers still going full force. 

 Not all are visible but this plant had 18 tomatoes on it and was still blooming. 
 Eventually I had to shut them down and collect the bounty before hard freeze. 
 Early in November, I happened on an article about green tomatoes.
I knew green tomatoes will ripen inside because I did that early in the summer when a limb broke with green tomatoes. 
But I did not know that after the night temperature gets down to 50ºF and lower for several days that you should pick the produce and bring them inside to ripen.
Therefore, you can't necessarily leave them until a predicted freeze which was my plan. 
I harvested the green tomatoes and peppers on November 11th.
Sure enough, they began to turn.
Each day I pulled the newly turning tomato to the rim side....well just because.
I am so glad for this tomato lesson because, I have fresh homegrown garden tomatoes for Thanksgiving.   
 Of course I also made fried green tomatoes.
My first time. 
Here's my recipie.
After coating them with yellow mustard (yep the kind you put on your hotdog), then I toss them in a plastic bag with Zatarain's Seasoned Fish Fri.
Fryed in oil.
Try it.
Cooks Tip: I coat them by squirting about 2T of mustard in a plastic bag. Then I smush the mustard around to coat the inside of the plastic bag. Then, dump the sliced tomatoes in the bag and smush them around to coat. Add the Fish Fri mix and shake the bag. I do the same thing when something needs to be coated with olive oil.
 The other thing I learned in the tomato article is, the small green tomatoes will not rippen because they haven't matured enough to do so. 
This to-ripe or not-to-ripe all has to do with what's going on inside the growing fruit.

But you can make green tomato chutney with them. 
I did. 

Now here is the biggest surprise of all. 
Remember I left the seed pods on the dill so they would self-seed in the spring. 
I didn't expect them to germinate in the fall. 
But the surprise is, we have had several days of freezing and below temperature and here is the dill today. 

You can see the dill in the top two photos too.
First, to the left of her head.
Then, to the right of her head.

That's it for the garden this year!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Who are These People

These People on cardboard by Sharon Tomlinson
Who are these people?

That Sunday back in October when I initiated the Attic Studio and documented the event on Instagram with the above photo was a beginning.

It was a beginning of a huge attic studio project; the details of which I will save for another post.

Not until I posted it on Instagram did I see the haunting white face right there near the middle.
Do you see him? 

I got pretty excited but this is when we were having big rain and wind storms and I didn't go back over for a few days. 
All the time, I would pull up the photo and wonder about who he was and how I would paint him.
I really did get myself worked up about the process.

At last we had a clear day and I rushed over to look at the face in-real-life to see how in the world I had overlooked him.

At first glance, Oh No!
He's gone!

In shock, I remembered the quick documentary photo shot was just a moment in time. 
I had totally forgotten that in the zone and flow of the day in the attic studio, I kept pushing cheap pastel craft paint around with a cheap foam brush on this big piece of cardboard.
And he was gone!  

I was back to no inspiration with this piece which was my starting place when I first sat down at the easel in the attic back in October. 

I left it be.

As stupid as it sounds, I grieved about the loss of this phantom (a physical manifestation of the soul or spirit of a deceased person) face.

Time passed and I finally was ready to face the project again. 
Due to the cold, I decided to fetch the cardboard and paint here in my warm home studio. 
 I propped it up in front of me while in the cozy chair zone just thinking about what I would do next. 

He was sure enough gone. 
So I flipped it over with the up side down
lo and behold!
There are people on it!
I would probably never have looked for them were it not for him. 
 Here they are after I lightly penciled around the shapes that clearly were people. 
 Sometimes it's not about pretty faces. 
My technique is to capture what I see with minimum paint.
 This is not the first time A Group Of Strangers has shown up while I'm painting. 

I don't know who These People are but I'm pretty sure these people know my people.
I'm also pretty sure they have lots of stories to tell.

On that Sunday back in October when I started this project, I prepped and pushed paint around on several more cardboards. 
Yep, more people.